About Us

H & A ResourceWith the previous consulting experience of the principals of H&A, as well as our experienced key staff members, which include a civil engineer, agronomist and Class IV wastewater operator, we believe we can offer a unique team that not only knows how to get the job done but can understand the clients goals for each project.

The staff of H&A has given presentations on solids management at numerous conferences including the Kentucky Water and Wastewater Operators conference and chapter meetings, Kentucky/Tennessee Water Environment Association and the Kentucky Division of Waste Management’s Landfarming Certification School. H&A maintains an edge in the solids management field through our association with the Water Environment Association and the associated KY-TN Association.

A principle of H&A has been a member of the National Residuals and Biosolids Committee and was formerly Vice Chair of the Kentucky/Tennessee Chapter Committee. Additionally, several staff members are former employees of the Kentucky Division of Waste Management, Division of Water, and municipal wastewater treatment operators, which provides a unique understanding of the regulatory requirements for each individual project.